By default, sttp follows redirects.

If you’d like to disable following redirects, use the followRedirects method:

import sttp.client3._


If a request has been redirected, the history of all followed redirects is accessible through the response.history list. The first response (oldest) comes first. The body of each response will be a Left(message) (as the status code is non-2xx), where the message is whatever the server returned as the response body.

Redirecting POST requests

If a POST or PUT request is redirected, by default it will be sent unchanged to the new address, that is using the original body and method. However, most browsers and some clients issue a GET request in such case, without the body.

To enable this behavior, use the redirectToGet method:

import sttp.client3._


Note that this only affects 301 Moved Permanently and 302 Found redirects. 303 See Other redirects are always converted, while 307 Temporary Redirect and 308 Permanent Redirect never.